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Nowadays it is really important for a bookmaker to have a convenient mobile application and let customers stay in touch with the platform from anywhere at any time. Parimatch has created its app specially for this purpose. The creators want to make a platform that is really easy to access, answering the players’ needs. Now you can easily play in games and make bets with no limitations. Download app now and enjoy.

Main things you need to know about the Parimatch app

In order to make bets and enjoy slots right on your device, you have to download the application. There are two main versions available to any player – the one you can download for Android and the app for iOS. The users can select the one that is compatible with their gadget. The main features you probably want to know about before you install the Parimatch app are listed in the table below.

Compatible operating systemAndroid, iOS
Apk size100 MB
App coastFree
Availability in IndiaIs available
Bonus and promo code use+

The bonuses and promo codes become available to the players from India during and after the registration. You can create an account or log in to an existing one right in the app to enjoy cricket betting and receive a bonus.

Pros and cons of Parimatch bet app Download

The official platform statistic shows that most of the Parimatch users access the site with their mobile phones rather than with computers. That’s why it is so important to create a top quality app that will answer the needs of the users and provide them with all the key features of the full desktop version for computer systems.

The customers prefer the mobile version for several reasons. The advantages of the application include:

  • compatibility with a wide range of different devices;
  • quick and stable operation;
  • intuitive navigation;
  • notifications about news, tournaments, and bonuses;
  • it’s free;
  • availability of money operations.

Actually, there is no big difference between the full PC web version, mobile version, and the Parimatch app. They all have pretty similar functionality and same key features. You can place sports bets, enjoy Parimatch casino games and slot machines, deposit and withdraw the winnings to your bank account and reach out for help to the client support service. 

Parimatch bet apk download bonuses

The mobile phone version actually works perfectly on any device whether it is a phone or a tablet. The interface adapts to the gadget and the screen size, so everything looks great and functions well. All you need to care about is to provide a stable Internet connection.

Download the app

Now you know about the main features of the application, and have learned about the benefits it has. The next step is to download the Parimatch app on your device. There are two main ways to do it, the choice depends on the software your gadget has. Select the instruction that works for you and follow the listed steps.

Android app version – Parimatch apk download

Unfortunately, the Parimatch app is not available on Google Play market yet, so if a bet enthusiast wants to have it on the device, he or she needs to download a special apk file for Android. In order to do it, follow these steps:

  • Go to the official Parimatch website;
  • Open the menu on the left side of the screen and find the mobile app section;
  • Click on the words “Install Android app”;
  • Confirm the action on your device;
  • Wait for the download to end and install the app by tapping on its icon;
  • Have fun!

What is apk? It is a special kind of file for Android devices (Android Package.) As we have already mentioned, you can’t find the app for Android in Google Store yet. Such files run the installation process and can be downloaded after it is completed. They usually don’t take too much space on the device and are completely safe to use.

Note: Don’t download app from unknown sources.

Sometimes your gadget can request to amend security settings a little for the app Parimatch to work properly. You need to allow the smartphone to save files from the unknown resources. Enter the security settings section to do this. It is completely safe though, so there is no need to worry about anything.

The Parimatch app for Android doesn’t require a lot of free space, and there shouldn’t be any problems with its download.

iOS version

The iOS version of the application is just as easy to get as the Android one – there are no special requirements. All you need to do in order to play from your device is:

  • Go to the App Store (Apple iPhone/iPad)
  • Find the Parimatch application;
  • Click “Install” next to it.

And that’s it! As you can see, it takes less than two minutes. The installing process is done automatically. After the app is downloaded and installed, you can tap on its icon on the home screen and have fun. Don’t forget to sign in or to create an account. The option is also available in the application. 

We also recommend checking the updates regularly to not miss anything important and stay in touch. The developers often study the feedback, fix the bugs, and add some new useful features. 

Download and install the Parimatch app (Parimatch India betting app for iOS devices.)

Parimatch bet app functionality

The Parimatch app has great functionality and offers the players lots of unique and exciting features. It possesses all general services and entertainment of the full website version. After downloading the app, the users can find and do these things:

  • Registration and login to the existing account (you don’t need to create an account once again to use it in the app, you can type in the data you already have);
  • Make prematch and live bets;
  • Watch the odds change;
  • Edit and add the personal details in your account;
  • Reach to the support service at any time;
  • Activate bonuses and promo codes;
  • Play in various casino games;
  • Watch the statistics of the previous matches;
  • Deposit the funds to your account and withdraw the winnings;

The developers have tried to add all the basic features of the desktop version, so it would be convenient to any player, and they won’t have to spend more time to get used to the new platform.

Parimatch app registration

One of the best features of the official Parimatch mobile app is a possibility to create an account right here without having to switch to the website version. You can register in a couple of simple steps on any device. All you need to have in order to do it is to ensure a stable Internet connection.

Why is it so important to create an account

There are many reasons why creating an account on the platform seems like a good idea, however we would like to share with you not all of them but the main ones. We really hope that if you’ve been wondering whether to register on Parimatch or not, this list will help you make the right decision. So, why is it necessary to register on the platform?

  1. Security reasons. Some people may feel a little nervous being asked to enter their personal data during the registration. However, there is no need to worry, because such action will only help to provide you better security. All the information on the site is safely encrypted with the cutting edge technology and the great technicians team.

    Creating an account, you receive the protection of the platform and its license. Therefore, in case you face any difficulties, Parimatch will come to help you and legally protect you if necessary. However, the protection of the clients is just a half of the thing. The other half lies in the attempt to create a safe space on the platform that is free of fraud and other kinds of illegal activities. 

    Maintaining safety is a responsibility of both the developers and the customers. The developers provide the means of protection, work hard to obtain the gambling license, and create special terms and conditions of the website as well as privacy policy. The players can also do their part by registering on the platform. 
  1. Real money playing. Only registered bettors can play for real money and make withdrawal of their winnings. You of course can enjoy your favorite video slots and other games in demo mode for free. However, it would be much more pleasurable when you know that you can win some prizes and withdraw the funds on your account. 
  2. Casino support. The more clients choose to create an account on the platform, the more popular it becomes. As a result, Parimatch has more valuable partners and funds to continue improving their services and offers. The platform will be able to hire more professionals, provide good security and offer more generous promotions and bonuses. Therefore, it is important to support the platform, because you will receive plenty of great offers in return.

How to create an account

Registering an account in the application is just as easy as in the desktop version. It usually takes less than 5 minutes and doesn’t require any special knowledge. However there still can occur some issues or questions, so we find it important to provide you with a short manual that will teach you how to create a profile in the application. You can find the step by step instruction below. Look through it, register and enjoy the casino games, sports betting and live betting!

  1. Open the mobile version of the official site in the browser or the app;
  2. Click “Sign up”;
  3. Type in a valid phone number to which you now have access;
  4. Think of a password that will be hard to guess (Tip: add symbols, numbers and capital letters to make it secure);
  5. Check the box that confirms you are not a minor and have read the terms of usage of the platform and agree with them);

If everything is fine – your phone is correct and the password is secure enough, the general part will be successfully completed. After that, you will have to go to the profile and visit the “Personal data” section. Here you will have to type in your email address and enter additional information about you (name, date of birth, country, etc.) Be careful, the data you provide has to be real and shouldn’t contain any mistakes or typos. It is important to check everything for security reasons. It will also make the payment operations faster and will help you manage your account easily and quickly. 

Parimatch Android bet app advantages

When it is done, you will only need to verify the email by clicking the link that will be sent here from the casino.

The platform will also ask you to confirm your account by making your first deposit. It will help to ensure that you really are the person you claim to be and will connect the site to your account to make it easier to withdraw the winnings. 

The overall process can be divided into three steps. Here you can see the stages of the registration and what functions they have.

Stage 1RegistrationEntering your phone number and password
Stage 2VerificationFilling out the personal data and entering a correct email
Stage 3ConfirmationMaking the first deposit

Login to the platform

When the registration is complete, you can use the data to login on any device. The site offers three different option types to sign in to the profile:

  • Log in using the phone number you used during the registration
  • Log in with the confirmed email address
  • Log in entering the personal account ID the system has given to you

All of the methods are available on all versions of the platform – desktop, mobile, and in the application. You can use any of the methods, it doesn’t matter which way you’ve chosen to create an account. 

If you have suddenly forgotten the info or lost it, it is also not a problem, because the service will help you recover it and regain the access. Just click “Forgot the password” on the bookmakers sign in page and follow the further instructions. Or you can also contact the apps customer support.

Placing bets in Parimatch app

The Parimatch app works perfectly when it comes to placing bets. The site has various sections related to sports betting. It offers the users great matches from all over the world. It also contains plenty of popular world tournaments.

The events line renews daily, and the team pays close attention to the list. All matches need to be actual and exciting. There are thousands of different events on Parimatch, and the amount continues to grow. 

The popular sport disciplines the users can make bets on:

  • Cricket. 

The developers know that cricket is an important part of Indian culture as well as the fact that it is really popular around the country. In the app you can easily support your favorite teams and players. You also can watch them play in world tournaments. 

  • Kabaddi. 

Another popular and deeply beloved by the Indian players sport. Place bets and see how the national team wins gold once again. In addition, it will be twice as pleasurable to see your favorite team winning results when you gain the money from it as well.

  • Football. 

The site also offers the matches played by the Indian Super League. Thanks to this fact, you won’t miss an important game or interesting tournaments anymore.

  • Tennis. 

Not as important as cricket, it is still an important part of the culture. That’s why the platform team has made sure to include the events on the list as well.

  • Field Hockey. 

Hockey enthusiasts will be happy to know that the sport events often occur in the application and can be easily betted on. 

Besides these options there is also a selection of a little less popular, but still much liked:

  • Table tennis
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Boxing

Sports betting options

Besides the classic sports, the app Parimatch provides multiple esports match variations. Any player can now gain money playing their favorite games like Counter strike and Dota. 

There is also such an option as virtual sports. You can select the sports you enjoy and place bets on them like with the real matches. 

Parimatch app menu

Slightly different to the desktop version, the app offers the users a special Parimatch betting category called “National teams” that includes the matches in which the Indian national teams participate. It is a really useful and convenient feature, because if you feel more confident betting on the well-known teams and players, you won’t have to look all over the betting section searching for the special events. 

How to place bets on your device

Placing bets on your mobile device is really easy and doesn’t actually differ from betting in the desktop official website version. 

First of all, you need to select the event you want to bet on. It may be just one match if you are up for a single bet or several events if you are interested in parlay or system. 

After tapping the odds that seem promising, the app will show you an online betting banner at the bottom of the page. Here you will be able to enter the exact sum you want to place on a certain result. You can choose the button with the amount that works for you or enter in manually. 

If everything is correct, tap the button that offers you to place a bet or make a deposit (minimum sum may vary), in case there is not enough money on your account. 

You can start cricket betting or bet on any sports events right in the app.

If you are placing more than one bet at a time, it is convenient to watch what bets you already have placed, because there is a small counter at the bottom part of the screen. It is noticeable and at the same time not too big or bright to irritate the eyes or block the view. 

As you can see, it doesn’t take a lot of time or extra effort in order to place bets in the application. The developers have made sure to make it as effortless and simple as possible, and we think they have successfully reached the goal. 

App interface

Now we would like to give a little praise to the design of the app. Parimatch official website is known for its stylish interface and beautiful design, and both the app and the mobile version have followed its example. 

The main colors of the application remain the same – the solid black, trustworthy white and exciting yellow. You won’t be able to confuse it with anything else. 

Its font is nice and not too bold or bright, and various icons are smooth and adorable. Looking at different banners of live games, sport events, and bonuses, you see captivating pictures that don’t irritate the eyes and excite the fantasy. 

It is all thanks to the technicians and designers team who have worked hard to provide the best gaming opportunity and make the user experience pleasant and enjoyable. It is nice to see that the mobile version and the application have received just as much of their effort and attention as the main one. 

Many players use their mobile gadgets to access the platform, so it is a really important decision to give them the best product quality the company can offer now. 

Responsible gambling

Keeping in mind how incredible the company is, it is easy to understand why gambling addiction is a thing nowadays. Unfortunately, it happens so that some enthusiasts are starting to get too excited when it comes to placing bets or playing online casino games that it turns into a real addiction that needs to be taken care of. 

Many modern gambling platforms are concerned about their users’ mental health, and participate in the special program of responsible gaming, implementing various helpful options on their sites. And Parimatch is not an exception. 

In order to fight the addiction, the developers offer multiple features and options. Here are some of them:

  • The site is protected from the minors, requesting the personal info and date of birth during the registration. The money operations are only available to the registered users. Therefore, people under 18 years old are not allowed to play for real money, which minimizes the chances of developing gambling addiction among minors.
  • Limiting tools. The platform offers various limiting options that are quite helpful when it comes to preventing big losses of money and time. The system is built in such a way so the managers could identify the players that have recently suffered big losses or act and behave suspiciously. These people are usually contacted by the company managers to discuss possible problems. The team offers its help and support as well as some means of limiting the activity. The limit can be applied to the deposits the users make, how much money he or she spends or how much time the gamblers play. The period can last as long as the user wants, however it needs to be settled with the support team. The site suggests the break of up to 6 weeks to the people who feel inclined towards developing an addiction. 
  • Means of self-control. In the section dedicated to the problem of gambling addiction, Parimatch offers to take a short test that would help you figure out whether you have something to worry about. There is also a list of tips that is better to follow in order to be sure of your safety. Besides the tips, there is a link to the special organization that can be of help when fighting an addiction.

As you can see, the problem is addressed by the company, which means that it cares about its users and tries to make gambling an enjoyable hobby that has no harmful consequences. The rules are applied both in the browser version and in the app.

User reviews

It is not a secret that you can only learn what the company really is by looking through the reviews of the real players. It becomes an especially easy procedure if the company has an application that is available either in the Google or App store, because the players usually leave their opinion there. The app Parimatch is no exception, because it has plenty of reviews that are available for anyone to read. 

The reviews are mostly positive. The players are happy with the great compatibility of the app, with how fast it is, its user-friendly design, and a large variety of entertainment options. After studying the Parimatch app, we can for sure say that the bookmaker is totally worthy of such high praise. 

However, it will be fair to mention that some users seem to be dissatisfied with the service the company provides. The players complain about how long it sometimes takes to receive the payment. It is understandable that such a thing may upset someone, and the provider totally needs to do something about it. It is also a fact that the bookmaker is really popular among gamblers, and the amount of the money operations the managers need to proceed grows each day. Therefore, sometimes it really may take longer than expected. We are sure that Parimatch will take that into consideration and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Parimatch bet app logo

Download Parimatch for Android and iOS to find out more and start betting on sports events.


Can I download the app to my tablet?

Yes, the application is compatible with most electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Do I need to pay for a subscription?

No, the Parimatch mobile app is free, and doesn’t require you to make any payments. 

Can I withdraw my funds in the app?

Yes, you totally can. All the money operations are available in the application. Among them are debit cards (including VISA, Mastercard) and more.

How do I get latest updates?

The application is updated automatically, so you don’t need to do extra actions in order to receive the updates. 

Do I need a separate account to use the app?

No, you can use the account you already have. In case you don’t have an account on Parimatch, you can create it right in the app. You will be able to log in with the info on PC as well.

What if I can’t download the app?

In this case you can use the mobile version of the site.

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